Hip-Hop & Rap

The premier hip-hop and rap recording studio in New Jersey

A properly designed and built vocal booth and top of the line mic/preamp combinations will give your vocals the fullness and clarity needed to compete with and surpass the industry standard.

Our engineer/executive producer Mike Hemberger (aka: Jive The Universal) works like a ninja with Pro Tools to keep you in your zone and get the best hip hop and rap recordings possible without wasting any time.

Rappers need beats

Beats from The Stiz

Check out our beat shop to find top quality beats from producers we’ve grown to respect and trust. All producers and beats are hand-picked to ensure only the best beats are offered on our site. We have different styles and price ranges depending on your needs and budget.

Bring beats

Artists are welcome to bring their own beats on a thumb drive, cd or external hard drive. If beats are tracked out or large files, we can create a Dropbox (affiliate link) share folder to easily transfer files. Wave or Aif files are preferred over mp3’s.